Friday, February 18, 2011

Homes with Character! That is what everyone Wants!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of showing a very cute new client homes.  She was so positive, and saw the great features in several of the homes that we viewed.  She, like so many buyers, was looking for the charm of a home that says...."This is it!"  This is why when a seller goes the extra mile to make a home "sing", it really causes the property to stand alone.

I will give you an example here.......these rooms are from homes that are currently available in the area (they are not protect the innocent!)

crowded look makes room look small
 People looking at homes get a feeling from what is in a room........While the owner loves seeing "his" stuff, a buyer is looking at the room size an trying to see their things here.

In the photo below, the arrangement is makes sense to the buyer who is viewing the home either online or in person.  This is also true for the lighting that is in a room.  If the room is too dark either in photos or in reality, the buyer feels "dark"....and although that buyer may pull blinds to save energy or watch TV....the feeling at the time while home searching must be light and bright, if possible.
A well arranged, but not too crowded room.

Bad photo and bad focus...ill shot

The home at the left may be a beauty in reality...but in the is blurred, shot from an unflattering angle and ...........the seller may not have that many showings if they only base it on this photo.....(the truth is that this is actaully a very nice home.

Great lighting...

The importance of lighting in a photo to market a home cannot be overestibmated........As a "looker", I can actually see the wood grain on the cabinets....and in my mind, see what I would put on the cabinets.

Well done photo and nice arrangement.
The living room above is inviting even though you cannot see the size of the room.  The arrangement causes you to think spacious......and to want to see the rest of the room....and the home

I hope that this bit of information will help you when you look at online photos...first, I hope the marketing person has done their job and taken great photos...and if you are a seller, be sure to ask for help if you need it to get your home ready to have a photo shoot...............Buyers get their opinion from the photos they see online.
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