Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fort Worth is One of the Best Cities According to Forbes Article

As a Fort Worth native and longtime REALTOR, you don't have to tell me that Fort Worth is one of the best cities in the country!  A drive through our downtown and Sundance Square area tells the story of a busy, youthful, ambitious city.  We have great downtown condos....just call me to see the one I have currently!
We have the best museums in the country, and we have............THIS THING IS LEGENDARY...the FORT WORTH STOCKSHOW AND RODEO, which lasts for almost a month.  And, it is currently the only game in town.........that is until the day after it ends....and then we have the SUPER BOWL!

This morning after I had my morning workout at the Downtown, Amon Carter YMCA, I drove past the rodeo area...which is adjacent to the museums.......and just snapped these photos......

The stock (cows, goats,horses, etc.) are being admitted to the barns each morning and today, there was a line of trailers waiting their turn.

For more about Fort, the city, just about anything...Please contact me and please follow my blog.  To read the Forbes article about Best Cities...check today's Yahoo homepage.  It discusses Westlake, a suburb of FW where many area celebs live.

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