Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whether to Buy New or Preowned....a common question with buyers

Oh, the beauty of a brand new is enchanting, it is fresh smelling like that "new car smell"...No one has walked on the carpet or cooked in the kitchen.  These are common things that I hear from buyers who just really only want a NEW HOME.

Oh, I like homes that have the feeling of a happy family living here.  I like the fact that the yard is established, and that most of the draperies are already in the home.  I like that the street is established and there are no more new homes being built here, with the workers coming and going.  And, the Elementary school in this neighborhood really selling me on this area.

The brand new home at the left is in the Marine Creek area and is ready for new buyers.  It is situated near Look 820, and is near a bike path.
The buyers for this home may be first time buyers and it's new and fresh feeling will be exceptionally appealing.

Sometimes a new home will need all window treatments and all landscaping, but the one at the left is almost ready for it's new owners.

4036 Dexter, Fort Worth 76107
Other buyers want to live in a neighborhood of totally established homes.  They want mature plantings and areas where all of the homes are older and feel established to them.  No questions sometimes the amenities are all provided...all the appliances, the sprinkler systems, and many other features that come with an older, and lived in home. 

No question.........buyers just know what they want, and as an agent for many years...there is no right or wrong...It is just a matter of preference at a particular time.  I love the variety that I can offer.
The different communities and the different neighborhoods all have their own charm...

I hope to help you with your next me soon if you live or want to live in the Fort Worth area.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Homes with Character! That is what everyone Wants!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of showing a very cute new client homes.  She was so positive, and saw the great features in several of the homes that we viewed.  She, like so many buyers, was looking for the charm of a home that says...."This is it!"  This is why when a seller goes the extra mile to make a home "sing", it really causes the property to stand alone.

I will give you an example here.......these rooms are from homes that are currently available in the area (they are not protect the innocent!)

crowded look makes room look small
 People looking at homes get a feeling from what is in a room........While the owner loves seeing "his" stuff, a buyer is looking at the room size an trying to see their things here.

In the photo below, the arrangement is makes sense to the buyer who is viewing the home either online or in person.  This is also true for the lighting that is in a room.  If the room is too dark either in photos or in reality, the buyer feels "dark"....and although that buyer may pull blinds to save energy or watch TV....the feeling at the time while home searching must be light and bright, if possible.
A well arranged, but not too crowded room.

Bad photo and bad focus...ill shot

The home at the left may be a beauty in reality...but in the is blurred, shot from an unflattering angle and ...........the seller may not have that many showings if they only base it on this photo.....(the truth is that this is actaully a very nice home.

Great lighting...

The importance of lighting in a photo to market a home cannot be overestibmated........As a "looker", I can actually see the wood grain on the cabinets....and in my mind, see what I would put on the cabinets.

Well done photo and nice arrangement.
The living room above is inviting even though you cannot see the size of the room.  The arrangement causes you to think spacious......and to want to see the rest of the room....and the home

I hope that this bit of information will help you when you look at online photos...first, I hope the marketing person has done their job and taken great photos...and if you are a seller, be sure to ask for help if you need it to get your home ready to have a photo shoot...............Buyers get their opinion from the photos they see online.
To search for Fort Worth/Tarrant Properties,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fort Worth is One of the Best Cities According to Forbes Article

As a Fort Worth native and longtime REALTOR, you don't have to tell me that Fort Worth is one of the best cities in the country!  A drive through our downtown and Sundance Square area tells the story of a busy, youthful, ambitious city.  We have great downtown condos....just call me to see the one I have currently!
We have the best museums in the country, and we have............THIS THING IS LEGENDARY...the FORT WORTH STOCKSHOW AND RODEO, which lasts for almost a month.  And, it is currently the only game in town.........that is until the day after it ends....and then we have the SUPER BOWL!

This morning after I had my morning workout at the Downtown, Amon Carter YMCA, I drove past the rodeo area...which is adjacent to the museums.......and just snapped these photos......

The stock (cows, goats,horses, etc.) are being admitted to the barns each morning and today, there was a line of trailers waiting their turn.

For more about Fort, the city, just about anything...Please contact me and please follow my blog.  To read the Forbes article about Best Cities...check today's Yahoo homepage.  It discusses Westlake, a suburb of FW where many area celebs live.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pleasure of Observation! Fort Worth, That's my Town!

I wasn't always a REALTOR.  I always had an interest in real estate; looking at neighborhoods, thinking about great homes, etc.  But, I was educated as a teacher and counselor.  As my life has developed, I just love people.......but it began with liking kids!  As a young teacher, I was amazed at how smart kids at a young age often are.  I still am!

A Kindergarten Class at Tanglewood Elementary School
 One way that I like to give back to my community is that I sometimes will substitute teach in differnt schools to help out a teacher friend, or sometimes so I will know what a particular school is like.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of substituting at the Tanglewood Elementary School, which is near my Keller Williams office here in Fort Worth.  The Tanglewood neighborhood is a coveted area, and one reason is because of it's location and above all, Tanglewood Elementary School.  I was just as pleased yesterday with what I saw as I have been in the past..........and what parents say about this school is true.

The classroom (seen in my photo) was neat and well organized.  The children were sweet, mannerly, and showed me that they had respect for their teacher, their classmates, and that they love to learn. I left thinking that I will go back there when they ask me because it was a wonderful day in Tanglewood Elementary and with the kids and teachers.

Another thing that I love about Fort Worth is Fort Woof Dog Park, which is ranked as one of the top dogparks in the country.    I take my dog Minnie to the dog park when the weather permits. And you can see from this video that it is a very fun place.  If you have been to the dog park, let me know what you think by posting your comment here on my blog. sure to read the earlier blog about the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo which begins today.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RODEO IS HERE...and the Real Estate is Easy!

Happy New Year!  I hope to post more frequently in 2011 and really get my blog popping with followers who want to interact.  I am really just learning to blogg, but...well we all start at the beginning, don't we?
After blogging intermittently for a couple of years, I find that although I am always talking about real estate in some way.........I also like to mix in what I find interesting and inviting about Fort town!

Will Rogers Rodeo Arena where the Rodeo happens!
 RODEO ...........That thing is Legendary! rodeo starts on Friday of this week.  People in Fort Worth are appropriately digging out their cowboy duds...(me too) and since we are having really cold weather for a few days, all of that feels really good! If you live here, you most likely have at least 3 pair of cowboy boots and a couple of nice cowboy hats.  Mix that with below freezing temps and, is a way to stay warm and play the role of a real cowboy or cowgirl for a couple of weeks.

People flock to Fort Worth from all of the small towns of Texas and bring their livestock to be judged and sold.  The FFA girls and boys compete for the Grand Champion Steer which is usually sold for more than $100,000, to a well known restaurant or business.  The steer is sometimes slaughtered, but often is kept at a ranch as an attraction.  If the latter is the case, it saves seeing the tears of many who can hardly stand to part with the calf they raised and nurtured, much less think about it being slaughtered in a few days.

With many people in Fort Worth for the Rodeo and Stock Show, it is a great time to plug Fort Worth and it's real estate!  Our economy is looking good and is listed as one of the best cities for growth, and with more stable real estate than most towns and cities.

Condo near TCU perfect
for Professional, Proffessor, or Student.

Great Condo for Sale at a Great Price $169,000

Living Room looks to deck

Some families begin looking for their Fort Worth condo or student residence at the beginning of a child's senior year is high school.  While this is an executive type of residence....a family who visits here for TCU football etc. might love it.

Another condo opportunity is one on the 20th floor of 500 Throckmorton in downtown.  It is a real beauty.  Views of downtown and a great Sunset make it a luxury, high end location.

This condo is priced at $239900, and has 2 covered parking spaces that are included.  This is a great buy in a great building.  Lucky is the family who enjoying Texas Motor Speedway, the Dallas Cowboys, or Texas Rangers and would like a weekend spot in Fort Worth to call home!

This is the best of living in Downtown Fort Worth.
Contact me or any real estate agent to see it today.

That's all for today........check back tomorrow for new photos...and my take on the Fort Worth day!