Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whether to Buy New or Preowned....a common question with buyers

Oh, the beauty of a brand new is enchanting, it is fresh smelling like that "new car smell"...No one has walked on the carpet or cooked in the kitchen.  These are common things that I hear from buyers who just really only want a NEW HOME.

Oh, I like homes that have the feeling of a happy family living here.  I like the fact that the yard is established, and that most of the draperies are already in the home.  I like that the street is established and there are no more new homes being built here, with the workers coming and going.  And, the Elementary school in this neighborhood really selling me on this area.

The brand new home at the left is in the Marine Creek area and is ready for new buyers.  It is situated near Look 820, and is near a bike path.
The buyers for this home may be first time buyers and it's new and fresh feeling will be exceptionally appealing.

Sometimes a new home will need all window treatments and all landscaping, but the one at the left is almost ready for it's new owners.

4036 Dexter, Fort Worth 76107
Other buyers want to live in a neighborhood of totally established homes.  They want mature plantings and areas where all of the homes are older and feel established to them.  No questions sometimes the amenities are all provided...all the appliances, the sprinkler systems, and many other features that come with an older, and lived in home. 

No question.........buyers just know what they want, and as an agent for many years...there is no right or wrong...It is just a matter of preference at a particular time.  I love the variety that I can offer.
The different communities and the different neighborhoods all have their own charm...

I hope to help you with your next me soon if you live or want to live in the Fort Worth area.

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