Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pleasure of Observation! Fort Worth, That's my Town!

I wasn't always a REALTOR.  I always had an interest in real estate; looking at neighborhoods, thinking about great homes, etc.  But, I was educated as a teacher and counselor.  As my life has developed, I just love people.......but it began with liking kids!  As a young teacher, I was amazed at how smart kids at a young age often are.  I still am!

A Kindergarten Class at Tanglewood Elementary School
 One way that I like to give back to my community is that I sometimes will substitute teach in differnt schools to help out a teacher friend, or sometimes so I will know what a particular school is like.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of substituting at the Tanglewood Elementary School, which is near my Keller Williams office here in Fort Worth.  The Tanglewood neighborhood is a coveted area, and one reason is because of it's location and above all, Tanglewood Elementary School.  I was just as pleased yesterday with what I saw as I have been in the past..........and what parents say about this school is true.

The classroom (seen in my photo) was neat and well organized.  The children were sweet, mannerly, and showed me that they had respect for their teacher, their classmates, and that they love to learn. I left thinking that I will go back there when they ask me because it was a wonderful day in Tanglewood Elementary and with the kids and teachers.

Another thing that I love about Fort Worth is Fort Woof Dog Park, which is ranked as one of the top dogparks in the country.    I take my dog Minnie to the dog park when the weather permits. And you can see from this video that it is a very fun place.  If you have been to the dog park, let me know what you think by posting your comment here on my blog. sure to read the earlier blog about the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo which begins today.


Lisa Creed said...

DiAnne, thanks for your post about Tanglewood. I would love to know more about the townhomes and or garden homes available in this area. I hear they are charming!


Thanks Lisa...Just let me know when you are available and I will give you a call...or email me anytime